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Rare Erasure Violet Flame 2014 Art Work Glossy Color Promotion Poster
Dance & Electronica
Bids: 0
Time Left: 1d 15h 18m

New2 Aladdin Dunkin Donuts 16oz Insulated Artwork Mug - This Teacher Runs on Dunkin
Mugs & Cups
Time Left: 29d 3h 18m

Advise and Consent (1962) Saul Bass artwork!
$125.00Buy It Now: $225.00
Bids: 0
Time Left: 6d 3h 18m

1855ct Big Rare Carved Masterpiece Floral Art Work Green Emerald Loose GemstoneB
Time Left: 6d 3h 17m

NewDeluxe Wood Easel Artwork Whiteboard Chalkboard Paint Cups+Storage Kids- Natural
Time Left: 9d 3h 17m

SALE..RAOUL VIARD FAMOUS HAITIAN PAINTER original handpainted Carribean artwork
$575.91Buy It Now: $874.80
Bids: 0
Time Left: 6d 3h 16m

Work Ape w/ Hat, Overalls, and Shovel. Original Signed Cartoon by Walter Moore
$4.00Buy It Now: $8.00
Bids: 0
Time Left: 6d 3h 15m

Edna Hibel 3D Mother and Child Faux Stone Tablet Artwork Easel or Wall Display
$34.99Buy It Now: $49.99
Bids: 0
Time Left: 3h 14m

#1 BOBBY BROWN, Yankees/American League president AUTO (Ronnie Joyner artwork)
Bids: 0
Time Left: 4d 3h 14m

FAILE Hand Painted Box & 'Works on Wood' Book Signed Edition 100 Not Banksy
Best Offer Enabled
Time Left: 29d 3h 14m

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What is the best way to sell art works from a two week fundraising exhibition??

I am organizing an exhibition of two weeks for my kindergarten, which will be held at the Gallery site, which is open 4-5 days a week. We were thinking of doing a silent auction, but it is possible that during such a long period of time?

Silent auction viable over two weeks. It's new for the kindergartner's parents? And your grandparents? Of course that is feasible. Not only...

Art works?

Does anyone know how to use Adobe Illustrator to draw a chart, like oil painting? or 3D style?
what to use to Corel Draw? and that is as powerful as doing graphic design?
eg ...

They look like they are created by drawing or painting by hand.

You can do many things in the programs that talk, and I would...

I have several good art works for sale. How I can be hooked up with art dealer?

Or what is the best way to go? My friends from other cauntry also asking for help with thair art work.Where to start?

First start by taking digital photos of your artwork. Take the photos of your work outdoors in the sunlight. Try different angles. Whatever looks...

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And so, according to Nagel, we have come to think of works of art as valuable because of who made them, or when, or under what conditions (or at least, according to Nagel, this is one idea shaping...

Manna Gallery presents...

Preston Metcalf, Chief Curator at the Triton Museum, says of Lou’s work, “His art springs from that inner well of symbol and metaphor to which we all have access but from which only a few of us...