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Batman Black and White #1 CGC 9.8 SS Marc Silvestri, Neal Adams & Sean Murphy
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Batman TV Series Adam West Rare 1960s Japanese Card O
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2007 BATMOBILE Mattel 1:18 die cast TV Classic BATMAN 1966 Hot Wheels Adam West
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NewBatman Movie POSTER 27 x 40, Burt Ward, Adam West, (1966) Style A
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NewMattel Batman Batmobile classics 1966 TV series Adam West
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Batman TV Series Adam West Rare 1960s Japanese Card P
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Justice League of America #121 DC Aug '75 VF/NM 9.0 Batman Aquaman Adam Strange
Justice League of America
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Batman TV Series Adam West Rare 1960s Japanese Card F
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Batman: Odyssey #1,2,3,6 Neal Adams art all VF/NM (September 2010, DC)
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what is the title of this movie? It is like the remake of the classing batman starring adam west and burt ward?

Adam and Burt have grown old in this movie, but everything is like a blast from the past in his role as Batman and Robin's happening in real life. is an action comedy film and I do not know the title of this movie.

It's "Return To The Bat Cave: the misadventures of Adam and Burt."

On Batman with Adam West and Burt Ward, when is it in boxed set online?

I beg for it from Fye, can not find it. I mean the original Batman, not Tim Burton.

This does not exist. It's stuck in a legal limbo. Because I think WB wants to distribute it on DVD, but Fox or some other company that owns the...

Which BATMAN TV SHOW did you enjoy more the BATMAN that was a cartoon or the BATMAN tv show w/ Adam West ?

* I liked the tv version of Batman w/ Adam West.
* What Batman tv show you like more?

Loved the tv version. Man, was it campy.loved it when Batman pulled out the bat shield from his utility belt. The thing was big enough to cover him...